Susan and I have known each other for over 24 years. We worked together in the Financial and Estate industry for approximately 5 years. I always enjoyed working with Susan as she is a valuable addition to any team. She is honest, dependable and hardworking. Susan always went beyond the parameters of her “job description”. She kept up to date with legal and legislative regulations and continued with her studies to maintain this. Her positive attitude and ability to deal with difficult situations was an asset to the institution we both worked in.

Peter Gerber
JP Blue Investments

Thank you, Susan, your kindness towards my mother is much appreciated.


I have known Susan Scott for the past 3 years and I have no hesitation in giving this reference. Miss Scott is honest and hardworking and applies her skills to all tasks undertaken.

M R Frary
EAA Accountants

Susan has impressed us with her calm and systematic approach. Susan has certainly been able to put more order and routine into this busy schedule. She appears most capable in juggling multiple tasks calmly and possesses a quiet authority which her clients appreciate and respond to. Susan possesses the ability to communicate clearly and appropriately at all levels, both orally and in writing. She has communicated professionally throughout, with all family members and our office regarding concerns. Susan has developed excellent relationships with her clients and has been swift to praise our team members. We have known Susan to have been consistent in giving her “all” to clients and showing that she is totally committed to her work.

S Daly

I have really enjoyed working with Susan, she is a truly valuable person to a team and to clients. Susan is honest, dependable and incredibly hardworking. She is an impressive problem solver and can address issues with strategy and is very proactive in finding solutions or ways to assist clients for their benefit. Susan’s knowledge is a huge advantage, and she has been very willing to train other members of staff who are less knowledgeable. Susan has been very flexible to every situation and goes beyond the parameters of her “job description”. Along with Susan’s undeniable compassion for clients she has always been great to work with. Her positive attitude and ability to adjust to difficult situations is an inspiration to others.

Kelly Rose

I have known Susan for approximately 4 years and have studied Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Planning with her. Susan is a hardworking, dedicated person and extremely knowledgeable in the Fiduciary field. Her professionalism and work ethics are outstanding.

Joe Smit
Financial Adviser
PG Dip (Financial Planning)